Josh Norton

Slido has proved to be an invaluable tool for audience interaction and analysis at Nesta’s largest events. For the main stage at this year’s FutureFest we chose to forgo roving microphones and exclusively use Slido for audience questions. All of our speakers found it very easy to use and it made the Q&A section of each keynote talk move quicker and feature more audience questions. Thanks to the Slido team for creating such a great product and being so nice to work with!

by Josh Norton, Festival Manager, FutureFest

Steve Scott

Thanks to @Slidoapp for first time at #NZMS in NZ great tool!

by Steve Scott

The Housing Forum

Thanks to @Slidoapp for facilitating a great day for us – live questions and polling really made out conference interactive and engaging

by The Housing Forum

Jan Exner

I used @Slidoapp at the #AdobeSummit over the last two days. Simple, easy to use, no issues, would buy again.

by Jan Exner @Adobe

Keisha Roderick

We really appreciated how responsive and flexible you were, and our event wouldn’t have been nearly as impressive without you!”

by Keisha Roderick
Audit Manager at PwC

Tana Le Moigne

It was brilliant. It completely changed the dynamics of the whole event.

by Tana Le Moigne
Google CZ Country Director

It was as if we had given Red Bull to the audience. The whole room became totally energized.

by Marian Gazdik
StartupGrind London

Isaac Rowlett

Thanks @peterkomornik @Slidoapp for helping to make our session so fun and interactive! #democratizeQandA

by @IsaacRowlett at SXSW

Slido technology exceeded our expectations for integration into the conference program, ease of use, and audience engagement. We would definitely recommend this technology at other conferences to engage the audience. As well, the customer service is exceptional – Slido cares about the success of your event and provides support that goes above expectations! Thanks Slido!

by The Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (Dynamics of Critical Care™ Conference in September 2016)

Priyanka Asera

“Slido was really great in making sure that the event was engaging throughout the 2 days. It is practical and efficient because it saves time and allows everyone to see all questions and rate the best ones so that the most popular questions are asked. The attendees loved it and really appreciated it! It definitely made my job as the organizer and the job of my moderator really easy! Never going to organize another event without using Slido. It’s a MUST HAVE for any conference that wants to allow for an engaging debate and thought-provoking controversial discussion. Also, the Slido team is so amazing and helpful; they’re always just an email or call away if/when you need assistance. But you never will, because the program is so user-friendly and easy to understand.“

by Priyanka Asera
Head of Retail Supply Chain at eft


Juliette Foster

It was interesting watching Slido in action and how it roped in the audience. I had to moderate the debate and the audience alternated between using a live microphone and Sli-do.
One of the main advantages of Sli-do was that it forced people to be more succinct with their questions. People often preface their questions with long winded statements before finally getting to the point. Slido’s restrictions meant that questions were more focused and it was easier to get a discussion going among the panelists.

by Juliette Foster
Writer & Journalist

Brendan Gillespie

We recently had the pleasure of using Slido for live polling at an event at our headquarters office. The software was extremely easy to set up and integrated seamlessly with our Powerpoint presentation. Live polling via mobile device during the presentation was a hit with both our domestic and international attendees. We will definitely be using Slido for future events as a fun and innovative way to promote interaction amongst our audience.

by Brendan Gillespie

"Great event track record. Customer support is real time chat - very useful. Web based - no need to download. They measure client usage and satisfaction and work closely to meet client needs. Very creative with different options through the system."

The Conference Awards Judges’

The Conference Awards Judges’ Comments

They are a great audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows the event organisers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with their audience in real-time. Using Slido means that events can stimulate discussion and debate around the key issues facing their industry today. Content is key!

The Conference Awards Judges’ Comments
Conference Awards 2016

Jennifer Croom was a HUGE hit! It was fun and interactive for the audience and was easy to use alongside my Power Point presentation. Thank you so much!! I’m a big fan!!!

by Jennifer Croom
Facilitator, Moonshot Literacy Leaders

Ashley Taylor

Slido is a wonderful system. Never disappoints and always amazes our clients! And the support team is always prompt and effective. Thank you!

by Ashley Taylor

Kim Coppes

@Slidoapp It is my absolute favorite. Effective and no nonsense. Great for moderators like me #unsponsoredtweet

by Kim Coppes
Masters in Moderation

„Slido was the most fantastic tool! It gave a new dimension to our event and meant we had total engagement from our audience. The technology worked perfectly and it was fun to use. The polls were very successful and it looked great on the large screens.“

Louise Willows

Maria Salamanca

Just had an amazing customer service interaction with the @Slidoapp team. Great work and product, thanks for supporting @OCPSnews event!

by Maria Salamanca

"Slido worked splendidly! Our audience engaged very well with the product. Set up was very easy, and thank you for your help in answering the few questions we had."

Jennifer Davis
The Common Application

Andrei Anghel

I hope we will have an opportunity to use Slido in one of our future events. It was great to have during the panel discussions at the Nordic Startup Conference.

by Andrei Anghel
Head of Conference at Nordic Startup Conference

Anne Hogart

I love @Slidoapp, they make event interaction soooo much more fun. Audience questions and polls made easy @PPA_Live Retail Forum

by Anne Hogarth
Circulation Marketing Consultant at PPA

Vegard Jørmeland

We found that using Slido increased our audience engagement with over 500%(!) It makes us able to hear the voices that would usually be silent – and boy do they ask some interesting questions! Having received a lot of positive feedback from our audience, we are now applying slido across the board for all of our events.

by Vegard Jørmeland
Lead Organiser at Lean Startup Circle Stavanger

Ryan White

Used the @Slidoapp for the first time at a conference today. The awkward “has anyone got any questions” silence is no more! Great product.

by Ryan White